The New Tag Heuer Watch – Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Edition

Much anticipation has been expressed towards the Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Edition Carrera and while it is not yet in the shops, it has been shown at Beaselworld in March and there are quite a few things to talk about.

Firstly, the history behind this new model can be observed from its name; it is made to mark the 80th birthday of Jack Heuer who is the grandson of the founder and the CEO of the company when it rose and had a very innovative period during the 70s.

Just by looking at its display, there are some differences that stand out from some older models. There are now only two sub-dials located in the center left and right that indicate the seconds and the Chronograph counter. The dial itself has a star-burst design that takes us back to the original models and also gives a very nice looking display; depending on how the light hits it, the grey can be very light or quite dark. The hands are quite familiar, mostly because the same design is used on the Carrera range and they look just as good with this special model. There is also a bright red Chronograph hand that really stands out on the silver dial. The red Tag Heuer shield also stands out nicely on the top and let’s not forget the red “80” on the inner bezel marking yet again the big anniversary. Overall, the dial does what it was supposed to do; remember us of the original Carrera but at the same time not feel like a cheap copy.

The new Carrera is not as thick as the one from 1887 but by a very small amount. There is also a difference in the case and the way the bezel is finished. The back case doesn’t have a sapphire finish so people won’t be able to see the movement like in the Carrera 1887. Instead, the back case has a red signature from Jack Heuer and the family crest.

Last but not least, the strap is made out of Calf leather and has a black exterior with a red interior and a silver stainless steel closing system. Customers will also be able to opt for a stainless steel strap.

The New Tag Heuer Formula 1 2012 Series

Since the Tag Heuer Formula 1 racing team had a great start so far this season, we have to look towards the new 2012 Formula 1 series when it comes to watches. The initial series was already a great representation of precise movements and a sturdy case so we should see if the new Tag Heuer models can live up to the expectations. What the news watches bring to the existing collection is a wider range of functions which include a Chronograph, a watch and a watch with an alarm function. There is also a wider range of materials now available thanks to the new series; amongst which we find stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic and the new titanium-carbide cases from Tag Heuer. These new watches increase the existing collection and also have some other differences that make them apart.

The Formula 1 series was meant as an entry-level sports alternative which offered a colorful design, a bulky case and a great performance. It is a way Tag Heuer uses to reach a wider variety of customers and if we take a look at their prices, we will see that the cheapest model available is just 1/65 of the price of the most expensive Tag Heuer watch now for sale. The Formula 1 series introduces new customers to the brand and also represents their strong connection to the world of F1 racing.

The new watches keep most of the existing features in the collection such as the 42mm case. The dial has been revised and so have the hands that are now shaped like swords, freshly polished swords.

There is also an improvement in materials, especially the finish on each one of the watches from the new collection. The polished stainless steel found on the bezel and on the strap offer a better looking watch.

The Chronographs are the main attraction of the collection and the new series brings some great styles that surely stand out. They all have the same 3-Register design and 1/100th second accuracy as well as a date display located where the “4” should have been. No matter which Tag Heuer Formula 1 we are talking about, it is safe to say that it looks amazing and rough with quite an attractive design.

TAG Heuer – A Name That Stand Out Amongst The Others

The list of names that make luxury watches is very impressive; brands such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling as well as others can offer a wide variety of choices. Those that choose TAG Heuer are looking for something with a bit more character, something with a style that represents their own. TAG Heuer is a brand with a lot of history and over the years, it has managed to create something unique that can appeal to a lot of people. While the watches are mostly inspired from sports and they can be incredibly complicated and precise, it is the brand image as well as the design for every watch that makes them so popular; luxury watches are mostly bought for the status symbol they represent.

So if the image is what matters in the end, why not look towards a replica? Some people associate fake watches with cheap copies that look nothing the same and they are very likely to break down after a few days. This is not actually true, apart from the cheap part. A good replica nowadays can mean something that looks exactly like the genuine watch but doesn’t cost as much. While there can be differences in movement and build quality, the looks have to be perfect. For example, a TAG Heuer Aquaracer is created for diving and can withstand a huge water pressure but the replica watch doesn’t have the same features although it looks exactly the same. Of course, it is unrealistic to expect a $200 imitation to be exactly the same as the $10.000 genuine watch.

TAG Heuer replica watches are great for customers that like the original products but can’t afford the huge price tags. This way, they can easily get a nice looking watch which can last for a long time. There are some bad copies out there which can ruin the whole experience so it is very important to find a good store, especially if you want your fake watch to be as similar to the genuine TAG Heuer models as possible. The design and style of an original watch deserves a good imitation.

The Award-Winning Watchmaker – TAG Heuer

Most people have heard about TAG Heuer, it is one of the biggest luxury watchmakers in the world that has its roots back in the year 1860. Aside from creating some of the most amazing watches, the brand name can also be found on glasses and cell phones.

There is a big competition when it comes to luxury watches as every big manufacturer has its own style and the enthusiasts to back them up. This means that every award won by a watchmaker is held at the highest prestige amongst the others and it is surely something the brand prides itself with. TAG Heuer has no less than seven awards already and it is easy to see why. Some of this prestigious awards include the iF product design award granted by the International Forum Design for the Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept Chronograph; the brand won this award for two years in a row.

So what is it that makes TAG Heuer better than the other luxury watchmakers? Some would say that it is their unique style that sets them apart while others value the movement innovations more. Different awards are given for different categories and seeing that the watchmaker has won quite a few, it is safe to say that TAG Heuer offers the whole package.

The fact that this brand is so appreciated can also be seen with replica watches. Winning an award for best design can make a lot of people curious and one of the cheaper ways to see the brand up-close is by buying a copy of the original. Fake watches can be incredibly similar so having a TAG Heuer on your wrist can offer the same unique style that would otherwise cost a fair amount of money.

On the other hand, the awards given for precise movement and innovative technology doesn’t really transcribe to fake watches but the prestige of having a watch that bears the TAG Heuer logo is pretty impressive even if it is just an imitation. The multiple award-winning brand has made a lot of impressive watches over the years we can certainly look forward to more

TAG Heuer Watches – An Example Of Prestige

When somebody hears about TAG Heuer they instantly think about one of the most beautiful watches created. This company is extremely popular and their watches have been more than just timepieces, they have been emblems of prestige and elegance. They also produce high end glasses and cell-phones if you are interested in accessorizing yourself with everything TAG Heuer.

Over the years TAG Heuer managed to surprise its customers with high quality watches that have symbolized a different moment in time. With their first wristwatch created in 1914, this company has the experience and quality every man needs when it comes to a high end watch. They also paired up with a lot of important fashion companies like Abercrombie and Fitch, Breitling orHamilton, but also important events like Formula One. They created watches that not only work amazing but also symbolize important event’s in men’s lives.

Their advertising campaigns also included public figures like Tiger Woods, known to promote the Professional Golf Watch or Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the TAG Heuer Carrera watch. Let’s not forget the fact that TAG Heuer was extremely important when it came to German Air Force, creating pilots chronographs with full calendar functions, a new thing in the 1930s.

Since we’re talking about accomplishments we should also mention the fact that TAG Heuer came up with the world’s first automatic chronograph while being in partnership with Hamilton and Breitling. This happened in the mid 1960’s and it seems that there was a lot of competition on the watch market with other companies that were also trying to develop the automatic chronograph.

Besides having great working and high quality watches TAG Heuer also excels in design category and it actually won the product design award or one of its most popular watches, the Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept Chronograph. An exquisite piece indeed, this watch also received other awards and it’s probably one of the most desired TAG Heuer watches.

We can conclude that TAG Heuer is probably one of the most successful watches company, but that’s not all they have. Their tradition in watch making just shows how much effort has been put into this field. There is something for every person and every taste, especially if you are picky. When it comes to its customers this company struggles to bring them the best: prestige and high quality combined make the best products, which can only be from TAG Heuer.

TAG Heuer – Swiss Precision At Its Best

TAG Heuer is a Swiss manufacturer that besides making glasses and cell phones, also makes some of the best luxury watches in the world. Ever since 1860, when the company was founded, the main goal behind the TAG Heuer name was to produce the most accurate timepieces and change the way we measure time. This lead to the invention of the first stopwatch with a precision of one hundredth of a second which provided a definite connection with the world of sports; TAG Heuer was the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in 1920.

With such a talent and desire for perfection, TAG Heuer quickly became the leading sports watch manufacturer and it was only normal for them to get into the fastest sport available, F1 racing. Not only where they the first to fit a dashboard chronograph for a race car in 1933 but they also became the timekeeper for F1 in 1971. As every millisecond counts here, there was no better choice than this Swiss watch manufacturer. Special, limited edition models were created to mark the success of the company in F1. TAG Heuer is the official sponsor for the McLaren Team ever since 1990 with models made after the stars behind the wheel.

Although precision is what made them perfect for the F1, the bold style used to cover that precision is also remarkable and TAG Heuer watches are also popular for the status symbol that they represent. The elegance of these watches combined with the perfect craftsmanship makes them desirable around the world and the choice of many celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Joe Manganiello, Tiger Woods, Maria Sharapova and also Barack Obama.

When McLaren released the MP4-12C in 2011, TAG Heuer marked the occasion by presenting the limited edition watch produced in partnership with the car manufacturer. The two big names have been together for 26 years now and it seems that they will keep working together and come up with incredible designs and precision craftsmanship. If you are interested in a TAG Heuer watch, the current lines include F1, Aquaracer, Carrera, Monaco and Link; the latter has a new exclusive model released to bring back the old icon. Any collection or model you may choose, the exclusivity that comes with a TAG Heuer watch will surely impress you as well as everyone around you; nothing says fashion and style combined with perfect precision than a TAG Heuer watch.

Tag Heuer Popular Watches

A quick look at a TAG Heuer watch and you will soon see what the brand is all about. The precision and craftsmanship that goes into making such a watch can be seen in every model and although there are different styles to choose from, there are also common features that remember you that you are looking at a watch from one of the most respected manufacturers in the world. There are collections available for both men and women and you can also find special models created to celebrate certain events such as the launch of the new McLaren supercar or inspired by the fast life of F1 racing.

TAG Heuer was founded in 1860 and you can expect them to not only have a rich heritage but also cherish it. The Carrera Heritage Calibre 6 is a great example of the experience TAG Heuer has in making luxury watches for more than 150 years. Everything about this watch screams perfection, from the dial which is simply a work of art to the leather strap that gives it a classic look. It is a great way for this famous manufacturer to mark a long heritage and tradition which will never be less than perfect.

If you prefer the fast pace of the modern days, you might enjoy more the new Mikrotimer Flying 1000. This timepiece represents a breakthrough in watch making and it has an accuracy of 1/1000 of a second which is ten times faster than its predecessor, the Mikrograph. It has already won an award and beside its precision it also looks amazing; it is has a design meant to inspire speed and precision and you can even see the how it works due to the transparent back.

As mentioned before, TAG Heuer is very involved in Formula 1 and it is the official partner of the McLaren team for more than 26 years. This means that it is only normal for TAG Heuer to have a watch inspire by the high performance technology found in F1. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 is the professional sports watch that offers style, functionality and durability and it is also water resistant for up to 200 meters.

After a quick look at these models, it is safe to say that TAG Heuer makes amazing luxury watches that not only look good but also work perfect. They also represent a status symbol the be noticed.

Tag Heuer Women Replica Avantgarde Collections

High fashion is not only about clothes but also about the accessories that complement them. When you want to look trendy and have your own personal style, you need to find accessories that stand out and reveal your unique way. With replica watches you can find that great style at a lower price without sacrificing the design or the quality of your accessories. There are great designs out there that don’t cost a fortune and look exactly as the original brand.

One of the brands that created special collections for women who are into high fashion is TAG Heuer. Although watches are more like jewelry nowadays, TAG Heuer replica watches combine great style and avant-garde design with the highest technology. Some of the best designs avant-garde designs from TAG Heuer especially made for women are Microtimer and Diamonds Fiction. Also, the Link collection might become one of your favorites if you want something simple but stunning.

Microtimer TAG Heuer replica is well known for its high tech look in a unique design that makes it wearable in any situation. The watch is water resistant and it comes with a beautiful Alligator design strap or with the ultra sophisticated Diamonds design. These two designs are made to satisfy the more casual women and the woman who wants to wear a timepiece that will make her glamorous. The Diamonds Fiction collection is simply amazing. You will love the way these watches stand out and how they make any woman unique. This is a luxury watch and with its unique design it will definitely be more than an accessory.

If you are just looking for a high fashion watch that looks simpler but also stands out through its beautiful style you should check out the Link collection. The Diamond designs have beautiful stones that make the watch outshine even the most sophisticated piece of jewelry. If you need something smooth you will love the Mother of Pearl designs that amaze with their classic style. You should also remember that these watches are water resistant, which makes things much easier in any weather and you don’t have to be over careful while wearing them.

It is clear that TAG Heuer replica watches can satisfy any taste out there for a lower price. If you want a watch that brings design and technology at a whole different level and you want to wear more than just an accessory that tells time, you will absolutely love TAG Heuer replica watches.

TAG Heuer Casual Replica Watches

TAG Heuer is a world renowned brand of sports watches and chronographs which was founded in 1860. The company has been very productive and there are many inventions linked to its founder Edouard Heuer: the oscillating pinion, the dashboard chronograph, the micrograph, etc. These were mainly for automobiles and aviation, but the company had a lot of success with watches too and actually they won a few awards for their amazing design. In fact, TAG Heuer watches were the first watches used in space and that probably says a lot about their precision and quality. So with their history of making amazing timepieces there is no wonder why this company is so well known for their amazing products. If you are searching for a classic watch that not only looks luxurious but also fashionable, TAG Heuer might be just what you are looking for.

If you don’t have the means to buy an original brand, and they can get really expensive, you can also buy a good replica watch. Replica watches are just the same as the original watches, only the manufacturers’ use cheaper materials. This doesn’t take away the quality and appearance of the product, for the untrained eye a replica watch can look exactly as an original TAG Heuer watch. If you are more of a casual person, you will simply love their Formula One collection of watches. Simple but sophisticated, these watches are everything a fashionable man wants to wear. Although the first Formula One watches were designed in the 80’s, the company decided it’s about time to bring back that collection.

If you are a woman, you shouldn’t think that TAG Heuer is just a brand for men; all their collections come with designs for women too. If you want a sports watch but that would look good on the feminine hand, the TAG Heuer Formula One Women’s Watch is the right piece. It looks very modern and it is the best solution for that casual woman. You can wear it when you go out with your friends or at the gym. Such a versatile replica watch will definitely get a lot of compliments and there’s nothing more than a woman wants.

TAG Heuer replicas can be the solution when you just want to have an expensive looking watch with amazing details but you simply don’t have the money for it. It looks amazing even if it’s a replica and it is made of high quality materials.