TAG Heuer Watches – An Example Of Prestige

When somebody hears about TAG Heuer they instantly think about one of the most beautiful watches created. This company is extremely popular and their watches have been more than just timepieces, they have been emblems of prestige and elegance. They also produce high end glasses and cell-phones if you are interested in accessorizing yourself with everything TAG Heuer.

Over the years TAG Heuer managed to surprise its customers with high quality watches that have symbolized a different moment in time. With their first wristwatch created in 1914, this company has the experience and quality every man needs when it comes to a high end watch. They also paired up with a lot of important fashion companies like Abercrombie and Fitch, Breitling orHamilton, but also important events like Formula One. They created watches that not only work amazing but also symbolize important event’s in men’s lives.

Their advertising campaigns also included public figures like Tiger Woods, known to promote the Professional Golf Watch or Leonardo DiCaprio wearing the TAG Heuer Carrera watch. Let’s not forget the fact that TAG Heuer was extremely important when it came to German Air Force, creating pilots chronographs with full calendar functions, a new thing in the 1930s.

Since we’re talking about accomplishments we should also mention the fact that TAG Heuer came up with the world’s first automatic chronograph while being in partnership with Hamilton and Breitling. This happened in the mid 1960’s and it seems that there was a lot of competition on the watch market with other companies that were also trying to develop the automatic chronograph.

Besides having great working and high quality watches TAG Heuer also excels in design category and it actually won the product design award or one of its most popular watches, the Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept Chronograph. An exquisite piece indeed, this watch also received other awards and it’s probably one of the most desired TAG Heuer watches.

We can conclude that TAG Heuer is probably one of the most successful watches company, but that’s not all they have. Their tradition in watch making just shows how much effort has been put into this field. There is something for every person and every taste, especially if you are picky. When it comes to its customers this company struggles to bring them the best: prestige and high quality combined make the best products, which can only be from TAG Heuer.