Tag Heuer Monaco Replica

Initially, immortalized on the wrist of acting legend, Steve McQueen, in the 1970 screening of the film, Le Mans, the Monaco caught everybody’s attention and from that moment on the new model became a center of interest for all the watch lovers. Recently Tag Heuer released the Monaco model in a vintage version in a very limited production, and only 4,000 of this priceless pieces have been created. In keeping with the original, unique designing, the new Monaco has that iconic square dial. The color palette used is formed by a creative combination between black, orange and blue this being a tribute brought to the car that McQueen drove in the movie.

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The famous Porsche-Gulf was the race-car used in the Le Mans movie and the Gulf logo is referenced on the dial of the collector’s edition watch.. The TAG Heuer Monaco Vintage watch was designed as a fitting tribute to that excellence and beauty. The square dial has a black background with orange and blue accents, as well as the Porsche Gulf logo. The original watch movement was a first ever micro rotor mechanical chronograph, with automatic movement. Another mark of authenticity is the black genuine alligator leather strap, complete with orange stitching. During the history Tag Heuer have introduced many new advances in the process of the watch making adding new ideas to innovative design. Even now, the TAG Monaco is the watch that continues to break with tradition caring the legacy of hundreds of years of mechanical watch making principals. The TAG Heuer Monaco comes in a carious number of designs and is the models have not been created only for men. Like many other watch models from Tag Heuer the Monaco created many models for women an like many other examples in the watch industry celebrities like actress Uma Thurman is the face of the woman’s Monaco watch. If you are looking for a model that inspires classical features along with elements of novelty, innovative mechanism, bright but elegant colors, then a Monaco model is the perfect choice and it is always a suitable watch for all the occasions, if you attend a fancy cocktail, if you are just jogging in the park or if you just spend a little time surrounded by your friends and hobbies then this type of watch will fulfill all this qualities and much more.