The Award-Winning Watchmaker – TAG Heuer

Most people have heard about TAG Heuer, it is one of the biggest luxury watchmakers in the world that has its roots back in the year 1860. Aside from creating some of the most amazing watches, the brand name can also be found on glasses and cell phones.

There is a big competition when it comes to luxury watches as every big manufacturer has its own style and the enthusiasts to back them up. This means that every award won by a watchmaker is held at the highest prestige amongst the others and it is surely something the brand prides itself with. TAG Heuer has no less than seven awards already and it is easy to see why. Some of this prestigious awards include the iF product design award granted by the International Forum Design for the Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept Chronograph; the brand won this award for two years in a row.

So what is it that makes TAG Heuer better than the other luxury watchmakers? Some would say that it is their unique style that sets them apart while others value the movement innovations more. Different awards are given for different categories and seeing that the watchmaker has won quite a few, it is safe to say that TAG Heuer offers the whole package.

The fact that this brand is so appreciated can also be seen with replica watches. Winning an award for best design can make a lot of people curious and one of the cheaper ways to see the brand up-close is by buying a copy of the original. Fake watches can be incredibly similar so having a TAG Heuer on your wrist can offer the same unique style that would otherwise cost a fair amount of money.

On the other hand, the awards given for precise movement and innovative technology doesn’t really transcribe to fake watches but the prestige of having a watch that bears the TAG Heuer logo is pretty impressive even if it is just an imitation. The multiple award-winning brand has made a lot of impressive watches over the years we can certainly look forward to more

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