The New Tag Heuer Formula 1 2012 Series

Since the Tag Heuer Formula 1 racing team had a great start so far this season, we have to look towards the new 2012 Formula 1 series when it comes to watches. The initial series was already a great representation of precise movements and a sturdy case so we should see if the new Tag Heuer models can live up to the expectations. What the news watches bring to the existing collection is a wider range of functions which include a Chronograph, a watch and a watch with an alarm function. There is also a wider range of materials now available thanks to the new series; amongst which we find stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic and the new titanium-carbide cases from Tag Heuer. These new watches increase the existing collection and also have some other differences that make them apart.

The Formula 1 series was meant as an entry-level sports alternative which offered a colorful design, a bulky case and a great performance. It is a way Tag Heuer uses to reach a wider variety of customers and if we take a look at their prices, we will see that the cheapest model available is just 1/65 of the price of the most expensive Tag Heuer watch now for sale. The Formula 1 series introduces new customers to the brand and also represents their strong connection to the world of F1 racing.

The new watches keep most of the existing features in the collection such as the 42mm case. The dial has been revised and so have the hands that are now shaped like swords, freshly polished swords.

There is also an improvement in materials, especially the finish on each one of the watches from the new collection. The polished stainless steel found on the bezel and on the strap offer a better looking watch.

The Chronographs are the main attraction of the collection and the new series brings some great styles that surely stand out. They all have the same 3-Register design and 1/100th second accuracy as well as a date display located where the “4” should have been. No matter which Tag Heuer Formula 1 we are talking about, it is safe to say that it looks amazing and rough with quite an attractive design.