The New Tag Heuer Watch – Carrera Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Edition

Much anticipation has been expressed towards the Jack Heuer 80th Birthday Edition Carrera and while it is not yet in the shops, it has been shown at Beaselworld in March and there are quite a few things to talk about.

Firstly, the history behind this new model can be observed from its name; it is made to mark the 80th birthday of Jack Heuer who is the grandson of the founder and the CEO of the company when it rose and had a very innovative period during the 70s.

Just by looking at its display, there are some differences that stand out from some older models. There are now only two sub-dials located in the center left and right that indicate the seconds and the Chronograph counter. The dial itself has a star-burst design that takes us back to the original models and also gives a very nice looking display; depending on how the light hits it, the grey can be very light or quite dark. The hands are quite familiar, mostly because the same design is used on the Carrera range and they look just as good with this special model. There is also a bright red Chronograph hand that really stands out on the silver dial. The red Tag Heuer shield also stands out nicely on the top and let’s not forget the red “80” on the inner bezel marking yet again the big anniversary. Overall, the dial does what it was supposed to do; remember us of the original Carrera but at the same time not feel like a cheap copy.

The new Carrera is not as thick as the one from 1887 but by a very small amount. There is also a difference in the case and the way the bezel is finished. The back case doesn’t have a sapphire finish so people won’t be able to see the movement like in the Carrera 1887. Instead, the back case has a red signature from Jack Heuer and the family crest.

Last but not least, the strap is made out of Calf leather and has a black exterior with a red interior and a silver stainless steel closing system. Customers will also be able to opt for a stainless steel strap.